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Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita: indrukwekkende eenvoud

Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita: striking simplicity Exhibition: 10 December 2005 - 12 March 2006

Previously announced opening: 3 December 2005

Museum information

Samuel Jessurun de Mesquita (1868-1944) is a unique figure in late 19th and early 20th-century art. His oeuvre falls into two broad categories: a wide range of prints and drawings of animal subjects (especially birds) and a series of intriguing prints and drawings depicting a mysterious world peculiar to his own imagination. The latter were described by the artist as ‘Sensitivist’ works. This exhibition will be the first retrospective of his work in twenty years and is the result of in-depth research. It will be accompanied by a bilingual monograph by Jonieke van Es, including a comprehensive catalogue of Mesquita’s entire known graphic oeuvre (published by the Prince Bernhard Fund/Waanders) and by a Dutch-language book for children entitled Meester van Artis (Waanders).