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Samuel van Hoogstraten, Les pantoufles: la place du spectateur réinventée

Samuel van Hoogstraten, The slippers, experimenting with one's gaze Presentation: 6 December 2008 - 16 May 2009

From the museum website, 27 November 2008

The fifth Louvre – DNP Museum Lab presentation features a work by Samuel van Hoogstraten entitled The slippers, one of the finest in the Louvre’s collection of Dutch paintings. A pupil of Rembrandt and contemporary of Vermeer, Samuel van Hoogstraten, was one of the major artists of the Golden Age of Dutch painting.

Born of the painter’s particular interest in space construction, this work is typical of Dutch genre painting in that it depicts an interior scene, yet the absence of human figures makes it highly atypical. From the foreground to the background, in this interior scene devoid of human figures, we can see a broom, slippers, keys, a candle, and a painting within a painting. As the eye moves around this silent space, the objects seemingly take on new significance drawing the viewer into the scene.

The Louvre – DNP Museum Lab is a special experimental space in which the Musée du Louvre exhibits works and provides an in-depth explanation of them. In an exceptional atmosphere, visitors can take time for the leisurely viewing and appreciation of artworks from the world’s largest museum.
A circuit with a wealth of multimedia mediation devices draws visitors into the history and analysis of the works, letting them follow in the footsteps of the artists in question and affording an insight into the details concealed. This ground-breaking feature allows visitors to discover the hidden face of some of the museum’s masterpieces. For more information about DNP Museum Lab please check the website

The experiment offered this time seeks to let visitors discover gradually, through their individual analysis and interpretation, the subtle devices orchestrated by the artist in the creation of this painting.


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