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Suite 17: portretten uit de 17de eeuw

Suite 17: 17th-century portraits Exhibition: 10 November - 10 December 2006

Portrait of woman from the de Looper family. Middelburg, Zeeuws Museum

Anonymous, Woman of the de Looper family
Middelburg, Zeeuws Museum


Bogardstraat 23

N.B. The exhibition runs for one month only, from 10 November to 10 December 2006, and can be seen only from Wednesday to Sunday from 1 to 5 p.m.

From the museum website

This exhibition features some of the most beautiful Dutch portraits of the 17th century, from several collections including that of the De Looper family.

Every day we look at dozens of portraits, at home on the wall or in the newspaper, or out of doors on billboards and in our public spaces. Four centuries ago, however, a portrait was a rare thing. Only very well-to-do citizens could afford to have portraits made for their entrance halls, bedrooms or suites.
Stiff collars and caps, pious closed mouths, rouged cheeks and looks of self-assuredness expressed the social standing of the subjects of these portraits. But there were exceptions too, such as Elisabeth Taillarde, whose provocative portrait shows her in the forest with her bosom half-exposed.


The three paintings belonging to the De Looper family were restored for this exhibition. A spectacular discovery was made during work on the portrait of Stephanus de Looper: the layer of black around the portrait concealed a frame and additional items of clothing.

Exhibition design

The exhibition was assembled and designed by Marianne Kleijwegt and Dorine de Vos. Ms. de Vos is well known as the designer of the Hotel New York in Rotterdam, and as an illustrator of cookbooks.