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The connoisseur’s eye: master drawings and prints from the Amsterdams Historisch Museum

Exhibition: 29 November 2008 - 25 January 2009

From the Nihonoranda website

This exhibition focuses on two points: one point is to show the variety of the drawings and prints of the 17th century Netherlands, that is, figure study, compositional drawings, landscape drawing (cityscape, seascape, Italianate landscape), and still life, which would be classified as drawings “naar het leven” (after the life), or “uyt den geest” (from the imagination). These works are to be focused on in the context of art education in the workshop.

Another focusing point is to see the AHM drawings collection in the context of the taste of art in the nineteenth century Netherlands. In the drawings collection of Carel Josef Fodor we could see the preference for the art lovers at that time.

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