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The Golden Age of European Painting from the Speed Art Museum

Exhibition: 2 February - 9 June 2013

The Golden Age of European Painting illustrates both the people and the objects that made the two centuries between 1600 and 1800 such a rich cultural age. Drawn from the permanent collection of the Speed Museum of Art in Louisville, Kentucky, the paintings in this exhibition have never toured as a group because they represent the core of the Speed’s permanent collection. The Speed Museum’s upcoming renovation and expansion project has presented a singular opportunity to introduce its exceptional holdings to a national audience. The Vero Beach Museum of Art is the only venue in the southeastern states for this outstanding exhibition . Highlights of the exhibition include Portrait of a Forty-Year-Old Woman by Rembrandt and The Princes of the Church Adoring the Eucharist by Rubens. Also on view are works by van Dyck, Teniers, Jordaens, Tournier, Ruisdael, Mignard, Crespi, de Troy, Largillière, Boucher, Batoni, Panini, Tiepolo, and Gainsborough. Together these works illustrate the major genres of painting that were popular in the Baroque era—portraits, religious paintings, landscapes, scenes of everyday life, still lifes, and interpretations of classical antiquity.