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The masters of drawing: drawings from Barbara Piasecka Johnson collection

Exhibition: 5 December 2010 - 6 February 2011

The Royal Castle in Warsaw organizes an exhibition with drawings from the collection of Barbara Piasecka Johnson. The exhibition includes sheets by Abraham Bloemaert (1564–1651), Theodoor van Thulden (1606–1669), Nicolaes Verkolje (1673–1746) and Adriaen de Weerdt (ca. 1510 –ca. 1590). A catalogue, by Justyna Guze, Ewa Milicer, Andrzej Dzięciołowski and Maciej Monkiewicz accompanies the exhibition. The exhibition has been curated by Katarzyna Jursz-Salvadori.

From the museum website, 7 December 2010

20 years after the memorable exhibition opus Sacrum, which, for the wide public, was the firs opportunity to see the excellent Works of art. From the collection of Barbara Piasecka Johnson, The Royal Castle in Warsaw has the honour of hosting her collection again. This time nearly 100 masterpieces of European drawing from between XVth and XXth centuries will be presented.

It is a varied set, both when it comes to the themes and the drawing techniques. Its essential part consists of works of art with sacred content: Old and New Testament scenes, as well as figures of saints. But there are also secular themes: landscape, nude or portrait.

Next to monochrome sketches and study drawings, there are also compositions that are mature, artistic creations, as well as a few engravings and colour gouaches on parchment, although this technically qualifies as a painting technique.

The reproduced drawings belong to the Barbara Piasecka Johnson Collection Foundation.