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The Night Watch Project: Kick-off Symposium

Symposium: 27 June 2019

This one-day symposium on the research of Rembrandt’s Night Watch for colleagues and professionals in the field will feature presentations by the curatorial, scientific and conservation staff of the Rijksmuseum. Please note that all presentations will be in English.

In July 2019 the research and treatment of the Night Watch, Rembrandt’s most celebrated masterpiece, will start. To kick off the project the Rijksmuseum will host a one-day international symposium on 27 June 2019. It is anticipated this will be the first of several conferences in the coming years about the research and treatment of the painting. It is more than 40 years ago that the painting underwent its last major investigation and restoration following a brutal knife attack on the painting in 1975. Today, the varnish and retouchings have discoloured and the canvas is slightly deformed. Rembrandt’s paint layers have also aged and locally degraded. In 2019, for the first time in history, the Night Watch will undergo a complete ‘body scan’.

This one-day symposium is offered free of charge. Registration is required. For more information and to register, please see this page.

The Rijksmuseums paintings restorer removing varnish in1 946-47

The Rijksmuseum’s paintings restorer removing varnish in 1946-47