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Van Dyck and seventeenth-century Britain

Symposium: 6 March 2009

From the university website, 14 January 2009

Van Dyck and seventeenth-century Britain: a one day colloquium in conjunction with Tate Britain to celebrate the opening of the Van Dyck and Britain exhibition, 18 February-17 May 2009

Price: £30 per person. Price includes entry to the Van Dyck and Britain exhibition at the Tate. To book your place please visit the Queen Mary online shop


9.15am – Registration

9.45am – Welcome from Professor Kevin Sharpe

10.00am – Karen Hearn: introduction Van Dyck and seventeenth-century Britain

10.30am – John Peacock: how to fabricate an aristocrat

11.30am – Coffee

12.00pm – Simon Turner: van Dyck and the tapestry in England

12.45pm – Lunch

1.45pm – Panel Discussion: depicting Royal families
Julia Alexander: van Dyck and family values
Laura Knoppers: van Dyck’s Caroline family portraiture and the English revolution

3.15pm – James Loxley: portraiture, poetry and the arts of praise

4.00pm – Tea

4.30pm – Panel discussion: van Dyck’s legacy

Diana Dethloff: the market for Van Dyck in late seventeenth-century England
Catharine Macleod: Lely and the legacy of Van Dyck

6.00pm – Malcolm Smuts: review, comment and round table discussion

6.45pm – Reception

Time: 9.15am-7.30pm

Venue: The Octagon, Queens’ Building, Mile End Campus

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