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Van Dyck dans les collections du musée Condé

Van Dyck in the collections of the musée Condé Exhibition: 16 September 2009 - 31 January 2010

Information from the museum website and from the press release, 6 October 2010

At the occasion of the Van Dyck-year, the musée Condé presents an exhibition around the five paintings by Van Dyck or his workshop in the museum collection. The exhibition also includes drawings and portraits of the artist engraved by Lucas Vorsterman.

The Musée Condé holds the second largest collection of portraits by Van Dyck in France, after the Louvre. The works form a stylistic unity, as they are all made between 1628/29 and 1634/35.


“Van Dyck dans les collections du musée Condé”
Alexis Merle du Bourg
Special issue of Le musée Condé, no. 66
24 pp., 29.7 cm.
Chantilly (Musée Condé) September 2009

A l’occasion de l’année Van Dyck, le musée Condé présente une exposition-dossier autour des cinq tableaux de Van Dyck ou de son atelier conservés à Chantilly, avec notamment des dessins et des portraits de l’artiste gravés par Lucas Vorsterman.