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Van Dyck: Transforming British Art

Exhibition: 4 September 2015 - 3 January 2016

Van Dyck’s magnificent self-portrait has embarked on a major, three year tour, celebrating its acquisition for the nation in 2014. The tour gives visitors in Margate, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Edinburgh and London the chance to see the portrait, and appreciate this important work in the context of British history and art.

Sir Anthony van Dyck (1599 – 1641) was the most influential portrait painter ever to work in Britain. This display looks at the artist’s work and how he transformed British portraiture. Comprising portraits from the Gallery’s own Collection, supplemented by two rarely-seen paintings of King Charles I and Henrietta Maria from Chequers, the self-portrait is set alongside other works by the artist, paintings from his studio and portraits by his contemporaries and followers.

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