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Van Eyck tot Dürer: de Vlaamse Primitieven en hun oosterburen, 1430-1530

Van Eyck to Dürer: the Flemish primitives and the east, 1430-1530 Exhibition: 29 October 2010 - 30 January 2011

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In the fifteenth century the Flemish Primitives triggered an artistic revolution in Central Europe. Talented painters like Jan van Eyck with his brilliant eye for detail, introduced new painting styles and techniques. Their influence spread rapidly and inspired scores of artists, including the painter, draughtsman and etcher Albrecht Dürer.

Van Eyck and Dürer are two great masters from the period 1420-1530. A pioneering exhibition brings together first-rate works by them and some of their contemporaries, drawn from notable European and American collections. Paintings and other art forms will illustrate the interaction between the Flemish Primitives and art in Central Europe. The exhibition looks set to be one of the cultural experiences of 2010.

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