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Van Gogh op papier: nieuwe inzichten

Van Gogh on paper: new insights Symposium: 21 September 2007

Museum information

An afternoon of talks on van Gogh’s work on paper – stylistic development, use of materials, technique, experiments and their relation to his painted oeuvre – as well as his letters. The occasion for the symposium is the appearance of the fourth and final volume of the catalogue of in the Van Gogh Museum: Marije Vellekoop and Roelie Zwikker, Vincent van Gogh, tekeningen 4: Arles, Saint-Rémy & Auvers-sur-Oise, 1888-1890

Speakers: Chris Stolwijk, Hans Luijten, Teio Meedendorp, Marije Vellekoop


Admission is free, but you are requested to let the museum know you will be attending by sending a mail to Fréderique Haanen.

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