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Verborgen kleuren: rood, geel en blauw in de vroege schilderijen van Vincent van Gogh

Hidden colours: red, yellow and blue in the early paintings of Vincent van Gogh Exhibition: 29 September 2006 - 7 October 2007

Vincent van Gogh, paint sample from Self-portrait with straw hat, 1887. Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum

Vincent van Gogh (1853-90)
Paint sample from Self-portrait with straw hat, 1887
Amsterdam, Van Gogh Museum

From the museum website

Together with Shell Nederland and Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN), the Van Gogh Museum is conducting a technical and scholarly investigation into the way Van Gogh worked in his studio in the context of contemporary practice.

Displays in the showcase on the second floor of the Rietveld building provide insights into the results of this research in a series of alternating presentations.

The new presentation focuses on Van Gogh’s use of primary colours red, yellow and blue in his early paintings. It has recently been proved that Van Gogh was already experimenting with these colours in his ‘sombre’ Dutch period. Although the paintings from Nuenen and those from France seem worlds apart they result from the same colour theory.