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Vermeer and Rembrandt: The Masters of the 17th Century Dutch Golden Age

Exhibition: 24 October 2015 - 5 January 2016

Information from the museum, 3 November 2015

17th century Holland’s withdrawal from religious painting to an emphasis on the appreciation of the everyday opened up a new worldview. It was not only the images of women, wives and their husbands, it was also the mothers within the interior settings and the masters of the kitchens that were painted. Furthermore, it was the fashions that colored lives in feminine cultivation and religious practices that resulted in painted works. These were the opening acts of the “world theater” of women’s entry onto the world stage. Vermeer’s “Woman Holding a Water Jug” and Rembrandt’s “Verona” are the highlights of this Japan premier.


Authors: Giltaij, Jeroen (editor); Wieseman, Betsy (texts); Dibbits, Taco (texts); Wheelock,

Arthur K. (jr.) (texts); Ozaki, Masato (texts)

Publisher: Tokyo : Tokyo Broadcasting System Television, 2015

Collation: 208 pages: 29 cm

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