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Vermeer’s hat: the seventeenth century and the dawn of the global world

Lecture: 21 March 2012

Vermeer’s paintings captivate us with their beautifully rendered light and scenes of Dutch daily life, but these intimate views also offer unexpected glimpses of an increasingly interconnected world in the 17th century. Moving outward from Vermeer’s home town of Delft to the Americas, Asia and back again to Europe, author Timothy Brook traces the complex global stories embodied in these masterpieces.

Formerly the Shaw Chair in Chinese at Oxford University, Professor Brook is now the Republic of China Chair at the University of British Columbia.

Made possible by the George Swinnerton Parker Memorial Lecture Fund.

This talk is held in conjunction with A Material World: The Art and Culture of Global Connections symposium on March 22.

Wednesday, March 21
7-8 pm, Morse Auditorium
Reservations by March 20
Members and A Material World symposium registrants $7, nonmembers $10