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Vincent & Helene

Exhibition: 14 February - 4 October 2003

Museum information

Originally scheduled to close on 12 October 2003. Extended on account of public demand. As of 29 September, when he prolongation was announced, the exhibition had drawn more than 330.000 visitors.

From the museum website

For the first time the Kr├Âller-M├╝ller Museum presents a series of exhibitions telling the story of Helene Kr├Âller-M├╝ller, the museum’s founder. The series begins with Vincent & Helene, focusing on her love for the work of Vincent van Gogh. Thanks to Helene the museum has one of the richest Van Gogh Collections in the world: eighty-seven paintings and almost two hundred drawings. The exhibition provides the first opportunity to display nearly the entire Van Gogh collection together.


The paintings will be hung in the order in which they were purchased, providing some interesting discoveries. For example, it was always believed that the first Van Gogh bought by Helene was Four sunflowers gone to seed. Recent research has uncovered that her first purchase was in fact Edge of Wood, which was considered a forgery for many years.


The exhibition also includes unique pieces of furniture designed by the architects H.P. Berlage and Henry van der Velde, which, in addition to photographs, letters and books form Helene’s estate, emphasise the very personal nature of this extraordinary collection. Her letters give a rare insight into the mind of one of the richest woman in the Netherlands at the beginning of the twentieth century.


The drawing collection will be split in half and shown in two displays in the Van de Velde wing during the course of the year. NOTE: This part of the exhibition will close on 2 November.


During the exhibition the Kr├Âller-M├╝ller Museum and the Hoge Veluwe National Park will organise a range of activities inspired by Van Gogh, including a cycling route, drawing workshops, musical performances and a film programme.

Shuttle service Amsterdam-Otterlo

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam and the Kr├Âller-M├╝ller Museum in Otterlo have the largest collections of Van Gogh work in the world, and are both celebrating the 150th anniversary of Van Goghs birth with major exhibitions. To enable you to visit both museums and the Hoge Veluwe National Park in one day, a shuttle service will operate between both venues.