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Voor de liefhebber

For the Art Lover Exhibition: 26 October 2014 - 15 February 2015

Information from the museum, 26 November 2015

Two Centuries of Drawings from a Private Collection

Over 100 sketches and finished drawings from the period 1750-1950 give a surprising overview of Dutch drawing. From Schouman, Knip, Schelfhout and Rochussen to Breitner, Israels, Weissenbruch, Maris, Tholen and Sluiter. The exhibition For the art lover is organised in honour of Charles Dumas who reached the venerable age of 65 this year. To celebrate this memorable occasion, a Liber Amicorum has been composed with the help and support of many of his colleagues. In addition, the Dordrechts Museum organised the surprise exhibition in his honour: the venue for the presentation of Art on paper in the eighteenth century. Liber Amicorum Charles Dumas. Dumas has been – and still is – of great importance in his field and has offered many colleagues his amicable assistance above and beyond all expectations time and again. The relation between Charles and the Dordrechts Museum has always been a special one and he has contributed to many exhibitions and catalogues and has kindly offered his advice with regard to acquisitions. Dumas will continue to work with the Dordrechts Museum for the upcomming exhibition on the painter and draftsman Aert Schouman (1710-1792).

The exhibition For the art lover will be on view in the Dordrechts Museum until 15 February 2015.