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Was getekend, Willem Staring 1847-1916

Willem Staring, artist and officer, 1847-1916 Exhibition: 1 June - 2 September 2001

From the museum website

Work by W.C. Staring, Dutch artist specialized in drawing horses and uniforms.
In the Army Museum you can visit the refreshing exhibition on the work of Willem Constantijn Staring, artist and officer, from June 1 till September 2, 2001. Staring was one of the first Dutch artists to draw horses in a natural way. Staring used the experiments of Eadweard Muybridge with moment photography. Beautiful examples are shown in the exhibition. The exhibition also contains a lot of drawings and water colours of soldiers in their colourful uniforms, portraits and books illustrated by Staring.

Willem Staring was an officer with the infantry. He loved horses and together with his brother Maurits he studied the work of the English photographer Eadweard Muybridge.


Willem Constantijn Staring 1847-1916: officier en tekenaar
Alexander Polman and others
Published in connection with an exhibition held in 2001 in Delft (Legermuseum)
127 pp., 24 cm.
Delft (Legermuseum) 2001
ISBN 90-6116-014-6