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Willem Danielsz. van Tetrode

Exhibition: 27 June - 7 September 2003


Frits Scholten

Museum information

About 40 small sculptures by Willem Danielsz. van Tetrode, mainly bronzes. The first exhibition on the work of this 16th-century Delft artist. His subject matter tends to be mythological, his figures posed in athletic positions and endowed with impressive muscles. Many of this works of this pioneering sculptor are renditions of monumental marble statues from Rome, where he spent a long period of time.


Frits Scholten, Willem van Tetrode, sculptor (c.1525-1580), with contributions by Emile van Binnebeke, Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum), New York (Frick Collection) and Zwolle (Waanders) 2003. 143 pages.
ISBN 90-400-8781-4 (hardbound; Waanders).

Other venue

The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (7 May 2003 – 25 May 2003).