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Women in the Museum Symposium: Shattered Ceilings

7 March 2023

Women in the Museum Symposium: Shattered Ceilings

Symposium: 7 March 2023

Women in the Museum is a series of annual symposiums organized by the Rijksmuseum as part of the Women of the Rijksmuseum project. ‘Shattered Ceilings’ is about current museum ambitions, role models, gender diversity and about quality. International museum professionals from the New York Historical Society, the Nationalmuseum Stockholm, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the National Portrait Gallery London, among others, will share their experiences and expertise.

The symposium reflects on initiatives for more inclusive representation, the importance of the criterion of quality and how female work is shown. This will be done in three sessions with each a different theme: ‘Looking Up: Role Models’, ‘Untold Histories: The Question of Gender’ and ‘The Elephant in the Room: Quality’.

Speakers include Hendrikje Crebolder, Jenny Reynaerts, Margeret K. Hofer, Flavia Frigeri, Silvia Rottenberg, Rein Wolfs, Carl Johann Ollsen, Kathryn Dyballa, Fanny Wonu Veys and Rosalind McKever.

For more information about the symposium and the program, please visit the museum’s website.