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Zilver in Groningen

Silver in Groningen Exhibition: 19 December 2010 - 29 May 2011

For many centuries, Groningen was an important city for silverware. Skilled silversmiths had a good market in this wealthy city and in the prosperous surrounding countryside. The exhibition presents beautiful silver objects that were made in Groningen from the late 16th century until well into the 20th century. Older silver has scarcely survived. Attractive brandy bowls, supper silver, beakers and coffee urns, candlesticks and teapots are all on display. There is even a silver Martinitoren (church spire). Groningen silver was different, beautiful and well maintained. Splendid engravings are also on show.

Of course, Groningen citizens also bought silver that was made elsewhere. Such items include striking pieces made in Antwerp, for instance, for Groningen Catholic conventicles, or a beer mug made in Hamburg for the Aduarderzijlvest, or cutlery made in The Hague for the city fathers of Groningen.