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Dr. Adriana Concin Assistant Curator of Paintings and Drawings, Victoria and Albert Museum in London, United Kingdom


Member of CODART since 2023

Areas of specialization

  • Early modern kunstkammer collections at the Renaissance courts in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain
  • Netherlandish artists at the courts of Emperor Maximilian II (1527-1576) and Rudolf II (1576-1612)
  • Habsburg and Medici women as patrons and collectors
  • Portrait painting and portrait collecting
  • Global, cultural, and artistic exchange between Europe and the Indian subcontinent

Selected publications


‘Jacopo e Ottavio Strada e la fortuna dei disegni di Giulio Romano nel Sacro Romano Impero.’
Adriana Concin
Essay in Giulio Romano, edited by Barbara Furlotti, Guido Rebecchini, pp. 86-95
Venice (Marsilio Editori) 2022


‘Hans Albrecht von Sprinzenstein: an Austrian art agent in the service of Archduke Ferdinand II of Tyrol.’
Adriana Concin
Essay in Art markets, agents and collectors. Collecting Strategies in Europe and the United States, 1550-1950, edited by Adriana Turpin and Susan Bracken, pp. 33-48
London (Bloomsbury) 2021


‘Splendid gifts and a Florentine architect for Emperor Rudolf II: Antonio Lupicini at the Imperial Court in Prague (1578-1580).’
Adriana Concin
Article in Studia Rudolphina, 20 (2020), pp. [24]-49, 182


‘Changed locations: the Habsburg cityscapes in Palazzo Vecchio, Florence.’
Adriana Concin
Article in The Burlington magazine, Vol. 161, nr 1396 (July 2019), pp. 544-555

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