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Dr. Lizzie Marx Curator of Dutch and Flemish Art, National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin, Ireland


Member of CODART since 2022

Areas of specialization

  • 17th-century Dutch painting
  • 16th- and 17th-century Flemish painting
  • Sensory art history and sensory museology
  • Iconography

Exhibitions curated since 1999

Selected publications


‘Visualising, Perceiving, and Interpreting Smell in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Art’
L. Marx (PhD thesis)
Cambridge (University of Cambridge) 2022

‘Making Whiffstory: A Contemporary Recreation of an Early Modern Scent for Perfumed Gloves’
L. Marx, S. C. Ehrich, I. Leemans, C. Bembibre, W. Tullett, Odeuropa, IFF, and Museum Ulm
Article in American Historical Review, Vol. CXXVII, No. 2, June 2022, pp.799–829

‘Jumping the Broom: A Common-Law Wedding Custom’s Bristling Visual Satires’
Essay in Changing Satire: Transformations and Continuities in Europe, 1600–1830, edited by C. Rosengren, P. Sivefors, R. Wingård 
Manchester (Manchester University Press) 2022


‘Odours in Art – Depicting the Invisible’; ‘Smell and Health’; ‘Odours from Overseas’; ‘Perfume and Books of Secrets’
Essays in Fleeting – Scents in Colouredited by A. van Suchtelen, catalogue of an exhibition held in The Hague (Mauritshuis) in 2021
Zwolle (Waanders) 2021


‘A Boy with Tobacco’
Essay in Michaelina Wautier 1604–1689: Glorifying a Forgotten Talent, edited by K. Van der Stighelen, catalogue of an exhibition held in Antwerp (Rubenshuis and Museum aan de Stroom) in 2018
Kontich (BAI Publishers) 2018

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