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Marianna van der Zwaag Curator, Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Member of CODART since 2019

Member of CODART from 2010 through 2015

Areas of specialization

Marianna van der Zwaag is specialized in combining heritage, Old Masters, and contemporary art. At Oude Kerk (1306), after working on strengthening the presentations in seven historical rooms surrounding the Oude Kerk from 2017 through 2019, she started working with more pronounced contemporary artists. Her curatorial practice stems from a strong belief that times cannot be seen separately but are of greater importance when viewed in conjunction and context of one another. Moreover, she has a strong belief in the critical potential of art and art’s capacity to profoundly affect the way we look at – and shape the world around us. Art, artists, and audiences can find each other over shared concerns she’s convinced. This has been the underlying motivation for most exhibitions and public gatherings she organized over the past years.

Exhibitions curated since 1999

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