CODART, Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide

Dr. Miya Tokumitsu Donald T. Fallati and Ruth E. Pachman Curator, Davison Art Collection, Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, USA


Member of CODART since 2021

Areas of specialization

  • 15th- and 16th-century Netherlandish graphic art
  • 15th- to 17th-century Netherlandish and Dutch sculpture
  • Early modern German art, particularly sculpture and prints

Exhibitions curated since 1999

Selected publications


Into the White: The Renaissance Arctic and the End of the Image by Christopher P. Heuer
Review in Historians of Netherlandish Art Reviews, July 2019


Netherlandish Sculpture of the 16th Century, Nederlands Kunsthistorisch Jaarboek, vol. 67 (2017), edited by Ethan Matt Kavaler, Frits Scholten, and Joanna Woodall
Review in Historians of Netherlandish Art Reviews, June 2018

‘An Accessory of Intellect: A Renaissance Writing Casket in the Kerry Stokes Collection’
Essay in Antipodean Early Modern: European Art Objects in Australian Collections edited by Anne Dunlop
Amsterdam (Amsterdam University Press) 2018


‘The Case of the Missing Gold Disc: A Crucifixion by Albrecht Dürer’
Essay in The Primacy of the Image in Northern European Art 1400 – 1700: Essays in Honor of Larry Silver, edited by Debra Cashion, Ashley West, and Henry Luttikhuizen
Leiden (Brill) 2017

‘Prospero Mallerini, Crucifixion, 1801. Oil on canvas’
Catalogue entry in Love: Art of Emotion 1400 – 1800, edited by Charles Zika, Matthew Martin, and Angela Hesson, pp. 188-189
Melbourne (National Gallery of Victoria) 2017


‘The Currencies of Naturalism in Dutch Pronk Still Life Painting: Luxury, Craft, Envisioned Affluence’
Article in Revue d’art canadienne / Canadian Art Review 41.2 (2016), pp.  30-43


‘The Migrating Cannibal: Anthropophagy at Home and at the Edge of the World’
Essay in The Anthropomorphic Lens: Anthropomorphism, Microcosmism, and Analogy in Early Modern Thought and Visual Culture, edited by Walter S. Melion, Bret Rothstein, and Michel Weemans
Leiden (Brill) 2015


Sight and Spirituality in Early Netherlandish Painting by Bret L. Rothstein
Review in Seventeenth Century News 65 (2007), pp. 50-51


Selected Writings on Dutch Paintings: Rembrandt, Van Beke, Vermeer and Others by Albert Blankert
Review in Seventeenth Century News 64 (2006), pp. 92-95

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