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Dr. Nicola Jennings Associate Lecturer, The Courtauld Institute of Art in London, United Kingdom


Associate Member of CODART since 2019

Director of the Colnaghi Foundation

Selected publications

2019 and forthcoming

“Middle-Class’ Men Who Would Be Nobles in Fifteenth-Century Castile, Flanders and Burgundy’
Nicola Jennings and Ann Adams
Essay in Memorializing the Middle Classes in Medieval and Renaissance Europe edited by A. Leader
Kalamazoo (Medieval Institute Publications) 2019

Review of Bermejo: the 15th-Century Rebel Genius
In The Burlington Magazine, Volume 161, Number 1319 April 2019, pp. 324-326.
Review of an exhibition held in the the Prado in 2018-19.

‘Converso Patronage, Self-Fashioning, and Late-Gothic Art and Architecture in Fifteenth-Century Castile’
Essay in Another Image: Jews and Muslims Made Visible in Christian Iberia and Beyond, Fourteenth to Eighteenth Centuries edited by B. Friday, Franco Llopis and A. Urquízar Herrera
Leiden (Brill) forthcoming in 2019

Imitation, Inspiration or Innovation? Juan de Flandes and the Collection of Paintings of Isabella of Castile’
Essay in Flandes by Substitution: Copies of Flemish Masters in the Hispanic World (1500-1700), proceedings of a conference organized by the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage of Belgium (KIKIRPA), February 2017
Turnhout (Brepols) forthcoming in 2019


‘Made in Iberia: A New Look at the Retable of Contador Saldaña in Santa Clara de Tordesillas’
Essay in Netherlandish Art and Luxury Goods in Renaissance Spain edited by D. van Heesch, R. Janssen, J. Van der Stock
Turnhout (Brepols) 2018

Review of Rogier van der Weyden y España
edited by L. Campbell and J. J. Pérez Preciado, Turnhout (Brepols) 2017
Review in Renaissance Quarterly, Volume 71, Issue 4, Winter 2018 , pp. 1465-1466.

‘Identifying the Hand Involved in a Man of Sorrows Produced in the Workshop of the Master of Artés’
Nicola Jennings and Isidro Puig
Essay in Late Gothic Painting in the Crown of Aragon and the Hispanic Kingdoms edited by F. Fité and A. Velasco
Turnhout (Brepols) 2018


‘Virgin and Child Attributed to the Master of Miraflores’
Essay in Late Medieval Panel Paintings II: Materials, Methods, Meanings edited by S. Nash
London (Sam Fogg) 2015

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