Dr. Peter Black Curator of Dutch and Flemish Paintings and Prints, Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery in Glasgow, United Kingdom


Member of CODART since 2002

Exhibitions curated since 1999

Selected publications


‘Rembrandt: paragon of the etching revival’
Peter Black
Article in Rembrandt: Britain’s Discovery of the Master
Catalogue of an exhibition held Edinburgh in 2018
Edited by Tico Seifert
Edinburgh (National Galleries Scotland) 2018


‘Quality and quantity: Bute and the collecting of Dutch paintings’
Peter Black
Article in Art of Power, Masterpieces from the Bute Collection at Mount Stuart, pp. 56-71
Edited by Caitlin Blackwell
Munich, London and New York (Prestel) 2017


‘A Rubens tronie of an “Old Man with Curly Beard” in Glasgow. The life and afterlife of a head study painting.’
Peter Black
In León Krempel and Dagmar Hirschfelder (eds), Tronies: Das Gesicht in der Frühen Neuzeit
Berlin (Mann) 2013


Rembrandt and the Passion
Peter Black, with Erma Hermens
London, New York, and Munich (Prestel) 2012


“A Rubens drawing for the Hunterian: the fragment of a memory exercise”
Peter Black
Article in Journal of the Scottish Society for Art History 10 (2005), pp. 15-21

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