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Dr. Zoltán Kovács Senior Research Fellow, Esterházy Palace in Fertőd, Hungary


Member of CODART since 1998

Selected publications


Jan van Buken fecit. An Unknown Work of an Antwerp Master in Hungary”
Article in Artmagazin 12 (2014/2), pp. 44-50 (in Hungarian)


“Lower-Rhine Master c. 1500: Nativity of Christ”
Zoltán Kovács
Article in The Picture Gallery in Eger, Eger 2008, pp. 168-71 (in Hungarian)

“Silent Witness of Bygone Times or Gate to the Past. Over an Unknown Painting of Pierre Gerard Philip Colin”
Article in Artmagazin  6 (2008/1), pp. 86-91 (in Hungarian)


“Budapest Museum of Fine Arts Acquires “Writing Man” by Pieter Quast”
Zoltán Kovács
CODART News Wednesday, 28 November 2007


“The witty Pieter Quast”: the works of an Amsterdam master in Hungary then and now
Zoltán Kovács
Article in Bulletin du Musée Hongrois des Beaux-Arts 104 (2006), pp. 101-28

A recently identified ’Cavalry Skirmish’ by Pieter Quast in a Hungarian private collection
Zoltán Kovács
Article in CODART Courant 13 (2006), pp. 6-7


A new representation of the “Salvator Mundi” from the workshop of Quentin Massys
Zoltán Kovács
Article in Bulletin du Musée Hongrois des Beaux-Arts 96 (2002), pp. 67-102


”…/Ioseph plebs fidelis, qui nutrivit puerum dominum de coelo/…” Zur Ikonographie der niederrheinischen Geburtstafel um 1500 in der Gemäldegalerie zu Eger
Zoltán Kovács
Contribution in Zsuzsanna Dobos, editor, Ex fumo lucem: Baroque studies in honour of Klára Garas, presented on her eightieth birthday
2 vols.
Budapest (Museum of Fine Arts) 1999
ISBN 963-7441-68-9

Anthropomorph Representations of the Trinity. Contributions to Some Iconographical Questions of Christian Art
Zoltán Kovács
Ph.D. Dissertation(in Hungarian)
Budapest 1999


Le joueur de vielle. Un motif de genre à la lumiére de la tradition
Zoltán Kovács
Artivle in Bulletin du Musée Hongrois des Beaux-Arts 83 (1995), pp. 37-53

The Blind Hurdy-Gurdy Player from the Workshop of Pieter Brueghel the Younger
Zoltán Kovács
Essay in: The Brueghel and Their Time, pp.104-106
Catalogue of an exhibition held in 1995 in Tokyo (Tobu Museum of Art)


‘Trinitas in hominis specie: quelques remarques sur l’iconographie des representations anthropomorphes de la Trinité
Zoltán Kovács
Article in Bulletin du Musée Hongrois des Beaux-Arts 77 (1992), pp. 41-58

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