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Amsterdam Museum

From March 2022 through 2025, the Amsterdam Museum will be temporarily housed in H’ART Amsterdam (formerly Hermitage Amsterdam) due to a large-scale renovation of the museum building.


Since 1926, the Amsterdam Museum has managed the historical collection of the city of Amsterdam. Besides artworks, its collection also includes objects from both past and present that tell us something about the city. Where Dutch and Flemish Old Masters are concerned, highlights include group portraits of militiamen and regents. In addition, the painting collection is especially rich in portraits and cityscapes by almost all the most prominent masters from Amsterdam. In the field of sculpture, the collection of terracotta preliminary studies by Artus Quellinus, formerly the property of the city, is of special interest. The museum has a large and diverse applied arts collection, from militias’ and guilds’ silverware to dinner and tea services, clocks, and furniture bequeathed by wealthy local citizens. The heart of the print and drawing collection is Carel Joseph Fodor’s collection, bequeathed in 1861, which includes major works by Rembrandt, Rubens, and Van Dijk. Thanks to the donation in 1907 by the children of C.P. van Eeghen, the museum has the largest collection of work by Jan and Casper Luyken in the world.

Tom van der Molen, Curator (January 2023)

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De oude meesters van de stad Amsterdam: schilderijen tot 1800
Norbert Middelkoop, Gusta Reichwein, Judith van Gent
Bussum 2008

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