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Belasting & Douane Museum

Tax & Customs Museum


Visitors to the Tax & Customs Museum can follow an art route designed to lead past ten artworks selected by the curator. The museum has five tax-related paintings from the period 1630–1760, by the Old Masters Jan van Goyen (Toll House on the Merwede, 1645), Job Berckheyde (De Passer Brewery and De Valk in Haarlem, 1672–1682), Juriaen Pool (The Governors of the Amsterdam Gold and Silversmiths’ Guild, 1701), and Dirk Kuipers (View of Dordrecht Harbor, c. 1760). Also on display is an etching by Rembrandt (The Gold Weigher, 1639).

During 2023, the museum has a unique seventeenth-century work by a Rotterdam master on loan from Rotterdam Museum: The Cattle Market by Cornelis Saftleven, 1659. The painting shows diverse scenes at a busy cattle market. The clothing and headgear of the motley crowd of stall holders and passers-by reflect influences from other countries and cultures in the emerging metropolis of Rotterdam.

Anne Marieke van Schaik, Curator (March 2023)

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