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Cincinnati Art Museum


The Cincinnati Art Museum has strong collections of Netherlandish paintings and prints. Highlights include Renaissance devotional pictures by Memling, Joos van Cleve, and Herri met de Bles, and a 3.5 meter high winged altarpiece from the van Hemessen studio. Golden Age works include Rubens’ oil sketch for the Rockox Samson and Delilah; large canvases by Bloemaert and Bol; a Genoese-period portrait by van Dyck, Erasmus II Quellinus’ self-portrait with his family, and a family portrait by Frans Hals; landscapes by Hobbema, Jacob van Ruisdael, Jan Both, Cuyp, and a Backhuysen seascape; still lifes by van Aelst, Maria van Oosterwijck and Claesz.

The collection of more than 400 Dutch and Flemish engravings and etchings prior to 1800 includes two impressions by Master I.A.M. of Zwolle, eighteen by Lucas van Leyden, two by Hercules Segers, seven by van Dyck, and over eighty by Rembrandt.

The museum also holds approximately twenty Dutch and Flemish drawings, ten Flemish tapestries, and several examples of Dutch ceramics and metalwork.

Peter Bell, Curator of European Paintings, Sculpture and Drawings, May 2020

Collection catalogues

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Six Centuries of Master Prints: Treasurers from the Herbert Greer French Collection
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