CODART, Dutch and Flemish art in museums worldwide

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Birmingham Museums Trust manages the city’s collections on behalf of Birmingham City Council. The small group of Dutch and Flemish paintings from before 1600 include Petrus Christus’s Christ as the Man of Sorrows, triptychs by Jan van Scorel and Adriaen Isenbrant, and a Nativity by the Master of the Prado Adoration of the Magi. The seventeenth-century collection comprises some 50 paintings from the Dutch Republic and Spanish Netherlands together with a small number of prints, notably by Rembrandt and Wenzel Hollar. The paintings collection holds works by Jan van Goyen, Pieter van Laer, Isaak van Nickelen, Nicolaes Eliasz. Pickenoy, Peter Paul Rubens, Daniël Seghers and Willem van de Velde II, and artists primarily active in Italy such as Paul Bril, Nicolas Régnier and Matthias Stom. In 2019 the rediscovery of Autumn by Joos de Momper II and the workshop of Jan Brueghel I was a significant addition. The decorative art collection includes around 30 Dutch ceramics and a glass serving bottle by Willem Jacobsz. van Heemskerk.

Victoria Osborne, Curator (December 2021)