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Davison Art Center, Wesleyan University

The Davison Art Center is currently closed. A new gallery for the Davison Art Center is currently under construction and is scheduled to open in 2024. Please see the museum website for more information and opening times.


The Davison Art Center (DAC) is home to the Wesleyan University’s art collection. The DAC’s publicly accessible collection spans over six centuries of art, from the fifteenth century to the present, principally prints and photographs, and includes one of the finest holdings of European prints at an American university. It also encompasses drawings, paintings, and artwork in other media. The collection includes many fine impressions of early modern Dutch and Flemish prints, including works by Rembrandt van Rijn, Master IAM of Zwolle, Hendrick Goltzius, and Lucas van Leyden. A new gallery to showcase the collection is under construction, with an anticipated completion date of 2023.

Miya Tokumitsu, Curator (September 2021)

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