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Grand Curtius


The Grand Curtius Museum comprises various collections from multiple sources and owners such as the City of Liège and University of Liège as well as the Bishopric and St. Paul’s Cathedral. The collection of Netherlandish art can be found within the departments of Religious and Mosan art, and the Decorative arts.

The decorative arts collection is particularly varied with sculptures in marble, ivory, alabaster, terracotta and metal. Highlights include Jean Delcour’s (1631-1707) Saint Domitian and the twelfth-century so-called Virgin of Dom Rupert. The museum also houses a large collection of earthenware and porcelain pieces from cities as Delft, Liège and Brussels. Other highlights include a sixteenth century partially gilded goblet and a three-tap fountain that belonged to Johann Theodor of Bavaria, Prince-Bishop of Liège.

In the Religious and Mosan Art department, art from the golden age of the Diocese of Liège (the eleventh until the thirteenth century) is shown alongside paintings, sculptures, and gold and silverware from the French, Italian, and German schools.

Christelle Schoonbroodt, Curator (December 2021)

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