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Groninger Museum


The Groninger Museum, founded in 1874, today occupies the spectacular building designed by Alessandro Mendini (opened in 1994), where it presents a succession of temporary exhibitions and smaller displays. The museum’s collection ranges from Old Master paintings to contemporary artworks, as well as fashion, design, photography, the archaeology and history of Groningen, and arts and crafts including Asian porcelain, furniture, textiles, and a large quantity of silver.

The art historian Dr. Cornelis Hofstede de Groot, both of whose grandfathers came from Groningen, bequeathed to the city his collection of paintings and drawings, which included works by Rubens and Jordaens, as well as several drawings attributed to Rembrandt.

Amid all this diversity, the collection of Dutch art up to 1750 focuses heavily on works by artists who were active in Groningen or worked for the city, such as Jan Jansz. “de Stomme,” Hermannus Collenius, and Jan Abel Wassenbergh. Among the collection of Groningen portraits are works by Gerard Terborch, Cornelis Troost, and Philips van Dijk. Paintings from the sixteenth century include an interesting Renaissance portrait of an unknown family from the circle of Jan van Scorel and a portrait of the Groningen noblewoman Beetke van Rasquert by an unknown master.

Dr. Egge Knol, Curator of Cultural History in Groningen (January 2023)

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