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Haags Gemeentearchief

The Hague Municipal Archives


The nucleus of the prints and drawings collection in The Hague Municipal Archives consists of works from the nineteenth century. Still, the collection also contains over 2,200 prints and drawings from before 1750. Particularly noteworthy in items from the seventeenth century is a series of drawings by the Hague lawyer-artist Jan de Bisschop (Amsterdam 1628 – The Hague 1671), mainly depicting views of The Hague Forest (Het Haagse Bos). The cityscape in this early part of the collection depicts the old city center, the forest and immediate surroundings, and Scheveningen. Among the eighteenth-century drawings, those by Cornelis Pronk (Amsterdam 1691–1759) and by members of the La Fargue family are worth singling out – especially those by Paulus la Fargue (The Hague 1729–1782). The 200-odd drawings provide a picture of The Hague and life in the city’s bustling streets, albeit as seen by the upper classes, that cannot be seen anywhere else. The early print collection includes many portraits of wealthy gentlemen from the bourgeoisie and the presence of over 100 topographical prints by the French engraver and architect Daniël Marot (Paris 1661 – The Hague 1752) should also be noted.

Wendy Louw, Public Relations (March 2023)