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Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art


Increasingly a destination for the appreciation of Dutch and Flemish art, the Museum’s permanent display includes a David Bailly Vanitas, an Otto Marseus van Schrieck sottobosco painting, and significant works by Frans Post, Aert de Gelder, Frans Francken II, Nicolaes Pickenoy, and Ferdinand Bol, as well as a Rembrandt School game picture whose panel shares origin with a Rembrandt landscape in Cracow. Due in part to the Watermark Identification in Rembrandt’s Etchings (WIRE) project, the Rembrandt etchings collection has recently expanded, including recently a Three Gabled Cottages beside a Road and the copperplate for Beggar with a High Cap Standing Leaning on a Stick. These round out a collection including prints by Israhel van Meckenem, Lucas van Leyden, and Goltzius and his pupils, and drawings by Herman Saftleven, Leonaert Bramer, Adam Pynacker, and others. Abraham Bloemaert is represented by prints, two drawings, an edition of the Tekenboek, and a recently purchased Bacchus and Venus painting. Other highlights include painted-glass roundels and a Flemish oak Virgin and Child with St. Anne.

Andrew C. Weislogel, Seymour R. Askin, Jr. ’47 Curator, Earlier European and American Art (March 2020)

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