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Museum De Waag


The museum De Waag displays and manages the collections of the city of Deventer and the De Waag Society, as well as those of other local lenders such as infirmaries and churches. The collection has a wide range of fascinating objects, including seventeenth-century paintings such as Hendrick ter Brugghen’s The Four Apostles (1621), and several portraits by Gerard ter Borch II and his pupil Pieter van Anraet.

The museum also possesses a collection of etchings, drawings and paintings by Bartholomeus Breenbergh, and Dutch topographical paintings including a view of De Waag from 1665 and four drawings by Abraham and Anthonie Beerstraaten, respectively.

A particularly noteworthy painting is The Lamentation of Christ by Jan Nagel (ca. 1595). There are also paintings from the eighteenth century, by artists such as Cornelis Pronk and Jan de Beijer. In addition, the Deventer collection includes a splendid range of Deventer silverware from the late sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries, produced by members of the Deventer silversmiths’ guild. It also contains a selection of historical objects from this former Hanseatic city.

Anne van Geuns, Curator (January 2023)

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