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The Art and History Museum in Brussels, Belgium’s largest museum, is spread across five different locations: Jubelpark, Hallegate, MIM (Musical Instruments Museum), Museums of the Far East (Japanese Tower and Chinese Pavilion) and the Horta-Lambeaux Pavilion of the Human Passions. At three of these locations (Jubelpark, Hallegate and MIM), there are large collections of art focusing on the Southern Netherlands.

The museum has the world’s largest collection of Late Gothic Flemish altarpieces, including the Saint George Altarpiece by Jan Borman, which is signed and dated 1493. It also has outstanding collections of Delftware and ornamental brassware, as well as precious metals (Reinier van Thienen´s Easter Candelabra), Flemish tapestries (Van Orley´s Story of Our Blessed Lady of Sablon), Gothic ivories (Diptych of Genoels-Elderen) and Mosan art (Reliquary Bust of Pope Alexander). Highlights of the furniture collection include Antwerp ebony cabinets and a cabinet by Pierre Gole, as well as the bassinet used by Emperor Charles V. Other highlights are the parade armor of Archduke Albert in the armory collection, stained glass (and cartoons for stained glass), musical instruments (virginal collection by Andreas Ruckers) and a collection of carriages and sleighs (Gala Coupé and an aventurine sleigh).

Dr. Emile van Binnebeke, Curator (September 2022)

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Koninklijke Musea voor Kunst en Geschiedenis Brussel: Europa
Anne Cahen-Delhaye
Brussel 1989

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