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Koninklijke Verzamelingen

Royal Collections of the Netherlands


The Royal Collections of the Netherlands manage the very diverse collections of the House of Orange-Nassau. These include the historical and art collections, as well as the private archives of the Royal Family and those of the Royal Household. Wherever possible, the archives, collections, and palaces that the State provides for the use of the Head of State are made accessible to the widest possible public.

Almost all artistic disciplines are represented in the collections: paintings, the applied arts (furniture, glassware, ceramics, textiles), sculptures, prints, and drawings. The emphasis is on the nineteenth century, but Dutch (and to a lesser extent Flemish) artworks from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries are also prominent in the collections, the most splendid attractions being the Oranjezaal of Palace Huis ten Bosch from 1648-1652 and the furnishings of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam. Portraits are well represented and there is also a large and remarkable collection of miniatures. The renowned artists whose work is featured in the collections include Joos van Cleve, Daniël van den Queborn, Gerard van Honthorst, Jacob Jordaens, Jan de Baen, Johannes Mijtens, Rombout Verhulst, Lancelot Volders, Caspar Netscher, Jan Hendrik Brandon and Guillaume de Spinny.

The Royal Palace in Amsterdam is open to visitors on days when it is not being used for royal receptions. Noordeinde Palace is also open to the public for a number of days each year.

Geerte Broersma, Curator (August 2023)

Collection catalogues

Uit koninklijk bezit. Honderd jaar Koninklijk Huisarchief. De verzamelingen van de Oranjes
M. Loonstra, with contributions by B. Woederink and others
Zwolle (Waanders) 1996

The portrait miniatures in the collections of the House of Orange-Nassau
Karen Schaffers-Bodenhausen and Marieke Tiethoff-Spliethoff
Zwolle (Waanders) 1993

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