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La Boverie


La Boverie is located in the Palace of Fine Arts of Liège, which was designed for the 1905 World Expo. In 2016, the museum La Boverie was established, which was previously known as the Museum of Fine Arts (2011–2016). This collection was created in 2011 when several independent museum collections, including the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MAMAC), the Print Room and the Museum of Walloon Art, were merged.

Two highlights from the modest collection of Flemish and Dutch Old Master paintings at La Boverie are the Landscape with the Apostles on the Road to Emmaus by the Flemish landscape painter Henri met de Bles (c.1525–1550) and Orpheus in the Underworld (c.1662) by Gerard de Lairesse, who was from Liège. The museum also has a remarkable extensive collection of avant-garde paintings from the period 1895–1915 and a collection of Walloon art.