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Lithuanian National Museum of Art


The collection of Western European painting of the Lithuanian National Museum of Art (Lietuvos nacionalinis dailės muziejus – LNDM) consists of around 300 works. These are late sixteenth- to nineteenth-century paintings by Italian, Dutch, Spanish, French, German, Austrian and – Dutch and Flemish artists. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Dutch and Flemish paintings were popular among Lithuanian collectors. Most of these paintings in the museum’s collection derive from aristocratic collections of that period, such as that of Count Władysław Tyszkiewicz or from the personal collections of the local intelligentsia. However, due to constant geopolitical tensions, endless wars, and six occupations in the last 200 years, the collections in the Lithuanian museums have changed. Today, the LNDM’s collection of Dutch and Flemish art consists of approximately 40 paintings. The most important artworks of the collection are usually exhibited in two Vilnius-based branches of LNDM: the Vilnius Picture Gallery (Vilniaus paveikslų galerija) and the Radvila Palace Museum of Art (Radvilų rūmų dailės muziejus). Currently the latter museum offers the most extensive presentation of the collection.

Dutch and Flemish artists from the seventeenth century are well represented in the Radvila Palace Museum of Art’s exposition. Notable highlights include The Seven Works of Mercy, dated 1630 by Frans Francken III, Christ at Emmaus by an unknown Flemish painter (possibly Gerbrand van den Eeckhout) and St Ursula and the Martyrs by Bartholomeus Spranger, all three of which come from the Tyszkiewicz collection. Two other highlights are The Vegetable and Poultry Shop by Adriaen van Utrecht and Jan Boeckhorst, dated between 1620 and 1650 and The Old Mill by Meindert Hobbema, thought to be created in the second half of the seventeenth century. The collection also includes two portraits by Frans Pourbus the Younger, Portrait of a Woman with a Red Ribbon and Portrait of a Woman with a Diadem, dated 1604 and 1614, respectively.

Other Dutch and Flemish artists represented in the LNDM’s collection are Dirck van Bergen, Cornelis Mahu, Johannes Lingelbach, Joannes Fijt, Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem (or Joachim Wtewael), Hendrik Verschuring, Claes Jansz. van der Willigen, Jan Brueghel the Younger, Pieter van Bloemen, Abraham Hondius and Melchior d’Hondecoeter.

June 2024