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Nationaal Archief

National Archive


At the National Archives, you will find answers to questions relating to everyday life, society, and the history of the Netherlands – including its relations with other countries. The archives make it possible to acquire new insights by exploring the national memory. The collection consists of 88 miles of printed or handwritten documents, some 300,000 maps and drawings, around 15 million photographs, and 1.2 petabytes of digital files. The library also contains around 60,000 reference books.

The National Archives manages the largest collection of maps and drawings in the Netherlands. The 300,000 objects are kept in over 100 different archives and collections, spanning the period from the late Middle Ages to the early twenty-first century. Some of these collections have been digitized and can therefore be viewed online. Others can be examined in the reading room.

Martine Bartels, Senior Communications Adviser (March 2023)

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