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Nederlands Zilvermuseum

Dutch Silver Museum


The Dutch Silver Museum is the only museum in the Netherlands devoted entirely to the precious metal silver. From ore to finished product, the collection tells the story of each step in the manufacturing process. Although silver objects from the fifteenth century to the present day are on display, the focus of the collection is on silver utensils from 1850 to 1950. This part of the collection gives a fine overview of the transition from craftsmanship in precious metals to manufactured items.

There are also some seventeenth-century masterpieces on display, such as a Hansje-in-de-Kelder (“Jack in the basement”) tazza by Jan Hermansz. van Ossevoort, a silver cup known as a hensbeker by Hans Coenraat Brechtel, and a beautiful chatelaine that was excavated intact including its pendants. The oldest piece in the collection is a fifteenth-century archer’s chain belonging to the St. Joris guild in Schoonhoven.

Lucinda Timmermans, Curator (September 2023)

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