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The collection of Old Masters (1300-1850) at the Norton Museum of Art contains more than 120 works, 40 of which are Dutch and Flemish, and range in date from ca. 1500  to ca. 1730.  Artists include Goswin van der Weyden, Joos van Cleve, Jan Wellens de Cock, David Teniers II (Studio of), Willem van Haecht, Dirk van Delen, Christiaen Striep, Nicolaes Maes, Jan van Ravesteyn, Joos de Momper II, Karel Dujardin, Jacob Biltius, Caspar van den Hoecke, Daniel Seghers, Jan Thomas, Anthony van Dyck, Jan Frans van Bloemen and others.  Among the important works are an imaginary portrait of King Pyrrhus by Ferdinand Bol deriving from his Pyrrhus Shows his Elephant to Fabricius, 1655 (Royal Palace, Amsterdam) and a study by Peter Paul Rubens for the head of Saint John the Evangelist in his Descent from the Cross, 1612-14 (Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp).

Robert Evren, Consulting Curator for European Art (December 2019)

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