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Novi Sad City Museum – Collection of Foreign Art


The Foreign Art Collection of the City Museum of Novi Sad was developed from the former private collection of the local physician Dr Branko Ilić, who donated it to the municipality of Novi Sad on June 18, 1966. It contains a large and important section of Dutch and Flemish art. Thirty works dating from the sixteenth to twentieth centuries are of great artistic value and highly diverse. The oldest works in the Dutch-Flemish art collection are paintings produced at the end of the sixteenth century. The most noteworthy and artistically valuable part of the collection dates from the seventeenth century. The collection contains original works or copies by masters who worked in Antwerp (Rubens, Francken the Younger, De Vos), as well as works by their associates and followers. There are also a dozen paintings of the Dutch national school, examples of genres developed in the seventeenth century. Still lifes, landscapes, architectural views, and genre scenes are represented in works by P. Claesz, F. Wouwerman, J. van Huysum, and P. Tidemann, while several works in the collection recall the style of Rembrandt.

Ljiljana Lazic, Museum Advisor (October 2023)

Collection catalogues

Foreign Art Collection of the City Museum of Novi Sad (in Serbian, expected in English)
Ljubomir Vujaklija, Dr. Rosa D’Amico and Ljiljana Lazić
Novi Sad 2022


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