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Paleis Het Loo


Het Loo Palace was converted from a royal residence into a museum in the 1970s. This is reflected in the way the museum collection has been built up over the years. Much of the current collection consists of objects that were already in or around the complex when it was a royal residence and belonged to the old palace inventory. In addition, large sections of the collection were acquired on long-term loan from other institutions, private individuals, foundations, and societies, to supplement the palace inventory and raise it to the level of a fully-fledged museum collection.

The museum now manages a collection of about 160,000 objects. Some of these are exhibited in permanent displays in the palace, the underground extension (opened in April 2023), the stables complex, or the gardens. The collection is extremely diverse: it ranges from paintings to souvenirs of the royal family, from honors and royal distinctions to Delftware, and from costumes to chandeliers. The museum is also in charge of a collection of carriages and cars and manages an extensive historical plant collection.

Dr. Hanna Klarenbeek, Curator of Paintings, Prints, and Drawings (March 2023)

Collection catalogues

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