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Penza Art Gallery named after Konstantin Savitsky


The Penza picture gallery named after K.A.Savitsky – is a state museum in Penza. Its history began in 1892, when lieutenant-general N.D.Seliverstov (1830-1890) presented his collection of pictures, a library and half a million roubles to the сity for construction of an art school and a museum to commemorate his being a Penza governer. The art gallery and the museum were opened in 1898 and were headed by Savitsky. He did a lot for the development of art in Penza. He organized art parties, receptions, was an guide in the museum. Due to his efforts the Russian Emperor’s Academy gifted many valuable exhibits to the museum. In 1927 the art museum was separated from the art school and adjoined to local history museum. It existed as an art section there for 10 years. In 1937 the art gallery became an independent organization.

The main collection consists of 12 thousand works of art of XVII-XXI c. Among them are pictures of West European, Russian and Soviet artists. There are pictures of famous artists from Penza. The works of Dutch artists of XVII c. and Russian artists of XVII- XIX c. are the most valuable in the collection which is subdivided into the following section:

  • France 17th – 19th c.
  • Netherlands 17th c.
  • Italy 17th – 19th c.
  • Russian art Peredvizhniky
  • Russian art Second half of 18th – 20th c.