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Philbrook Museum of Art


Philbrook has a small collection of about 60 pre-1800 Dutch and Flemish works. Among the highlights are two tapestries designed by Jan van Orley and produced by Peter van den Hecke, part of a seven-piece series on the “Story of Psyche” purchased by Maria Theresa in 1750 to be used as a diplomatic gift. Aside from two paintings (by Casper Netscher, and by Peter Lely, a version of his portrait of Anne Hyde, Duchess of York), the rest of the collection is works on paper. These include Lucas van Leyden’s Christ as a Gardener Appearing to Mary Magdalen, several noteworthy sheets by Hendrick Goltzius—among them The Welcome of the Blessed in Heaven after Stradanus and the “Three Goddesses” series of 1596—Rembrandt’s 1636 Return of the Prodigal Son and three other etchings, and two portrait etchings by Anthony van Dyck, of Lucas Vorsterman and Justus Sustermans (along with three engravings after van Dyck).

Sarah Lees, Ruth G. Hardman Curator of European Art (November 2019)

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