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Stockholm University Art Collection


Spökslottet (“The Haunted Castle,” also known as the Scheffler Palace), which was donated to Stockholm University in 1924, is home to a remarkable collection, featuring Dutch and Flemish artworks dating back to the early sixteenth century. Most of these works were generously donated to Stockholm University by the keen nineteenth-century collector Captain Johan Adolf Berg. The masterpieces showcased in the collection include works from the workshop of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, such as The Assault, as well as Hieronymus Francken’s The Palace Ball, and Hendrick van Cleve’s The Tower of Babel. Some Dutch paintings were sadly lost in a fire in 1956. Nonetheless, the collection has expanded thanks to new donations, including pieces by outstanding artists such as Jan de Beer, Frans Francken, Pieter Lastman, and Claes Moeyaert. Spökslottet has approximately 80 Dutch and 40 Flemish artworks, ranging from landscapes and portraits to still lifes. The collection is accessible to students, university personnel, and the public alike, and serves as a valuable resource for education and research besides the pleasure it gives to art lovers.

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